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Smashing Pumpkins

 -  Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness ID: (115124)   New - LP   Virgin   855316   (Pop)   USA
Factory Sealed, Out Of Print 2012 4LP 180gm Set Housed In A Super Deluxe Box With Two Books Featuring Personal Notes, Photos, Lyrics And More. Includes Bullets With Butterfly Wings," "Tonight, Tonight" And "Zero." Not The Repress. ...more details
(30-Jun-16 : 07:01 AM)


 -  No More Love ID: (60605)   New - LP   RCA   PL 30010   (Prog)   Germany
Sealed 1977 Original Produced By Dieter Dirks. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 08:54 PM)

Coleman, Ornette

 -  Empty Foxhole ID: (77969)   New - LP   Blue Note   BLP 4246   (Jazz)   USA
Factory Sealed 1966 Mono Original. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 08:51 PM)

Harrison, George

 -  All Things Must Pass ID: (2894)   New - LP   EMI   530474   (Pop)   UK
Factory Sealed, Out of Print 2001 3LP Import Box Set With Bonus Tracks, Colour Photo On Front Cover. Pristine Copy. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 08:50 PM)

Domnerus, Arne

 -  Jazz At The Pawnshop ID: (34669)   Audiophile - LP   Proprius   PROP 7778-79   (Jazz)   Japan
Rare Japanese Half-Speed Mastered 2LP Gatefold Version. Mastered By Jack Hunt At The JVC Cutting Center. First Copy We Have Seen In Five Years. Both LPs Appear Unplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 08:49 PM)


 -  Best Of The Byrds - Greatest Hits Volume II ID: (120498)   Used - LP   Columbia   KC 31795   (Pop)   USA
1972 Original (KC Prefix) With Shrink Still Intact. Includes The Previously Unreleased "Jesus Is Just Alright." ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 08:46 PM)

Men At Work

 -  Business As Usual ID: (58486)   Audiophile - LP   CBS Mastersound   HE 47978   (Pop)   USA
1982 Half-Speed Master With Insert Featuring Their Monster Hit: "Down Under." Appears New, Unplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:36 PM)

Gauthier, Mary

 -  Mercy Now ID: (52380)   New - LP   Lost Highway   B0003570   (Country)   USA
Sealed, Out Of Print 2005 180gm Original With Custom Hype Sticker And Crisp Corners. Small Cut Out Hole. Dark Poetic Americana Highly Recommended To Fans Of Townes Van Zandt And Lucinda Williams. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:35 PM)

Gaye, Marvin

 -  Midnight Love ID: (14202)   Audiophile - LP   CBS Mastersound   HC 48197   (Soul)   USA
1982 Limited Edition Half-Speed Master With Lyric Insert. LP Appears New, Unplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:33 PM)

Di Meola, Al

 -  Elegant Gypsy ID: (34564)   Audiophile - LP   CBS Mastersound   HC 44461   (Jazz)   USA
1981 Mastersound Half-Speed Master. LP Appears New, Unplayed. 5 Stars! "Guitarist Al Di Meola's Second Record As A Leader Is Generally An Explosive Affair, Although It Does Have A Fair Amount Of Variety. With Jan Hammer Or Barry M ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:28 PM)

Starr, Ringo

 -  Goodnight Vienna ID: (83367)   New - LP   Apple   SW 3417   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 1974 Original With Custom Inner Sleeve. Tiny Saw Cut. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:26 PM)

Fabulous Continentals / Gauchos / Bikinis / Sparkles / Bob Bunny

 -  Las Vegas Grind, Volume 3 ID: (112754)   Used - LP   Crypt   STRIP 003   (Pop)   USA
Stereo Compilation Of Sleazy Rock Put Out By Crypt Records. Great Cheesecake Cover Photos. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:25 PM)


 -  Church ID: (2135)   New - LP   Capitol   ST 12193   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 1982 Original. Clean Cut Out Hole. Capitol Opted To Release A Slightly Edited Version Of “Of Skin And Heart” In America, Dropping Some Of The More Disposable Songs And Adding A Couple Of Singles Making This A Tighter Album ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:15 PM)

Peterson, Oscar

 -  Skol ID: (14812)   New - LP   Pablo   2308 232   (Jazz)   USA
Sealed 1982 Original Features Joe Pass, Mickey Roker And NHOP. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:12 PM)

McCartney, Paul

 -  Tug Of War ID: (2192)   New - LP   Columbia   TC 37462   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 1982 Original With Custom Song Sticker Hype On The Shrink Wrap. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:11 PM)

Gustafson, Stig

 -  Bofors Musikkar ID: (45975)   Audiophile - LP   Opus 3   79-03   (Classical)   Sweden
Beautiful 1979 Swedish Original Housed In A Textured Gatefold Jacket. Unplayed Condition. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:10 PM)

RC Succession

 -  Feel So Bad ID: (86475)   Used - LP   Toshiba-EMI   WTP 90306   (Pop)   Japan
Bizarre 1984 Promo Label Release With Gold Foil On The Cover (Which Never Scans Nicely) From The Japanese Art/Pop Band. The Front Cover Has A Slit. An Appendage (Looks More Like A Club Than A Chopper) Attached To The Custom Inner ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:06 PM)


 -  Church Windows ID: (90691)   TAS List - LP   Reference Recordings   RR 15   (Classical)   USA
1984 45rpm Original Housed In A Gatefold Jacket. Spectacular Sound. Keith Clark Conducting The Pacific Symphony Orchestra. A TAS Superdisc Title. Appears Unplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:04 PM)


 -  Precious Prize Of Gravity ID: (110887)   Used - LP   Temporary Residence   TRR 155   (Pop)   USA
New, Unplayed 2009 180gm Original With Custom Die-Cut Lyric Inner Sleeve Housing A CD Of The Complete Album. Uniting Past Members Of Several Touch & Go Records Artists, This Husband-And-Wife Team Unleashes Their First Recording In ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:02 PM)


 -  Romeo & Juliet (Excerpts) ID: (879)   TAS List - LP   Sheffield Lab   LAB 8   (Classical)   USA
1978 Limited Edition Direct-To-Disc Original Housed In A Heavy-Duty Embossed Gatefold Original With 16 Page Full-Size Color Booklet. Erich Leinsdorf Conducting The Los Angeles Philharmonic. Stunning Dynamics! TAS Superdisc Title. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 06:02 PM)


 -  Die Walkure ID: (8737)   Audiophile - LP   Sheffield Lab   LAB 7   (Classical)   USA
Beautiful 1977 Limited Edition, Direct-To-Disc Original. Original Embossed Gatefold Cover With 12 Page Color Booklet Insert. Erich Leinsdorf Conducting The Los Angeles Philharmonic. LP Appears Unplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:58 PM)


 -  1812 Overture ID: (119979)   Audiophile - LP   Telarc   DG 10041   (Classical)   Germany
Mint 1979 Gatefold Original With The Rare Obi. One Of The Ultimate Hi-Fi Workout LPs. Erich Kunzel Conducting The Cincinnati Symphony. Digital Recording. First Copy We Have Seen With Intact Obi Which Has A Greatly Enlarged Photogr ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:56 PM)


 -  La Mer ID: (42063)   Audiophile - LP   Telarc   DG 10071   (Classical)   Germany
Beautiful 1982 Original. Leonard Slatkin Conducting The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:54 PM)

Lidingo Kammarkor / Daniel Hellden / Yvonne Kullberg

 -  Flotjen Spelar Dansen Gar ID: (108568)   Audiophile - LP   Proprius   PROP 7759   (Choral)   Sweden
First Copy We Have Ever Had In Stock Of This Sealed 1975 Swedish Original. Daniel Hellden Conducting The Lidingo Kammarkor With Yvonne Kullberg, Violin. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:38 PM)

Arthur Grumiuax / Istvan Hajdu

 -  To My Friends ID: (48997)   Used - LP   Philips   6599 372   (Classical)   Holland
1972 Stereo Original. Appears Unplayed. Arthur Grumiaux, Violin; Istvan Hajdu, Piano. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:36 PM)

Holzgraf, Lloyd

 -  The Power And The Glory, Volume 2 ID: (43608)   Audiophile - LP   M&K Realtime   RT 113   (Classical)   USA
1978 Direct-To-Disc Recording. Considered By Many Audiophiles To Be One Of The Finest Recordings Ever Made. LP Appears Glossy, UNplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:32 PM)


 -  Symphonies Nos. 5 & 4 ID: (44534)   Used - LP   Columbia   MS 6055   (Classical)   USA
6 Eye Stereo Original. Bruno Walter Conducting The Columbia Symphony Orchestra. LP Appears Glossy, UNplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:29 PM)

Bowie, David

 -  Reality Tour ID: (133837)   Colored Vinyl   Friday Music   FRM 88272   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 2016 3LP 180gm Blue Vinyl Box Set. Featuring 3 Bonus Tracks Only Found On The CD Version Of The Original Release And A 12" x 24" Double-Sided Poster. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 05:24 PM)

Hill, Andrew

 -  From California With Love ID: (8583)   Used - LP   Artists House   AH 9   (Jazz)   USA
Beautiful 1979 Gatefold Original In Shrink Wrap With 8 Page Booklet. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 04:41 PM)


 -  Autobahn ID: (16252)   Used - LP   Philips   6305 231   (Electronic)   Germany
1974 Original German Pressing With Sticker On The Cover. Light Wear On Top Seam And Small Corner Crease. Looks Glossy And Unplayed. ...more details
(29-Jun-16 : 04:14 PM)