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 -  Heavy Weather ID: (128561)   Audiophile - LP   ORG   ORG 113   (Jazz)   USA
Limited Edition 45rpm 2LP 180gm HQ Housed In A Deluxe Gatefold Jacket. An All-Time Classic. Open Copy. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:15 PM)

Davis, Walter

 -  Davis Cup ID: (9869)   Audiophile - LP   Blue Note Connoisseur   32098   (Jazz)   USA
Out Of Print 180gm HQ Connoisseur Series Stereo. One Of The Killer Blue Notes, Featuring Jackie McLean, Donald Byrd, Sam Jones And Art Taylor. Appears Unplayed. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:14 PM)

Menotti / Barber / Ruggiero Ricci

 -  Violin Concertos ID: (81256)   Audiophile - LP   Reference Recordings   RR 45   (Classical)   USA
First Sealed Copy We Have Ever Seen Of This Rare 1992 180gm Original Housed In A Deluxe Gatefold Jacket. Ruggiero Ricci, Violin; Keith Clark Conducting The Pacific Symphony Orchestra. Recorded By Prof. Johnson. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:14 PM)

Thompson, Richard

 -  Electric ID: (105035)   Audiophile - LP   New West   NW5072   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 2013 Limited Edition 180gm 2LP Gatefold. “The Title Is Artless And Blunt But It Gets The Job Done: It Makes It Clear That After A Decade Or So Of Concentrating On His Acoustic Guitar, Richard Thompson Has Returned To His El ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:13 PM)

Snow, Phoebe

 -  Phoebe Snow ID: (98833)   Audiophile - LP   DCC   LPZ 2027   (Pop)   USA
Factory Sealed, Limited Edition 1996 180gm HQ Mastered By Steve Hoffman. Includes Her Monster Hits, "Poetry Man" And "San Francisco Bay Blues." This Is Low Number 0204. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:11 PM)

Young, Neil

 -  Old Ways ID: (7644)   Audiophile - LP   Mobile Fidelity   MFSL 1-252   (Pop)   USA
Factory Sealed, Limited Edition, Numbered 200gm Anadisc Half-Speed Master Housed In A Deluxe Gatefold Cover. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:11 PM)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions

 -  Get Happy ID: (91785)   Audiophile - LP   Mobile Fidelity   MFSL 2-334   (Pop)   USA
Special Offer. Regularly $50. Sealed, Limited Edition, Numbered Half-Speed Mastered 45rpm 180gm High Definition 2LP Housed In A Deluxe Gatefold Jacket. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:11 PM)

Kent, Stacey

 -  Breakfast On The Morning Tram ID: (114384)   Audiophile - LP   Pure Pleasure   PPAN BST 50161   (Jazz)   UK
Sealed 2007 2LP 180gm HQ Gatefold Original. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:09 PM)

Townshend, Pete

 -  Scoop 3 ID: (106817)   Audiophile - LP   Classic Records   EPR 013   (Pop)   USA
Long Out Of Print 2001 3LP Quiex SV Audiophile Pressing Housed In A Tri-Fold Jacket. All Three LPs Appear Glossy Unplayed. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:08 PM)

Simone, Nina

 -  Emergency Ward ID: (118682)   Audiophile - LP   Speakers Corner   LSP 4757   (Soul)   Germany
Mint, 180gm HQ Stereo Reissue With Lyric Insert. $15 Off The Price Of A Sealed Copy! ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 04:07 PM)

Desmond, Paul

 -  Take Ten ID: (35115)   Audiophile - LP   Speakers Corner   LSP 2569   (Jazz)   Germany
New, Unplayed, Long Out 180gm HQ Stereo Reissue. Recorded At Webster Hall, 1963 And Featuring Jim Hall, Gene Cherico, Connie Kay And Gene Cherico. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:59 PM)

Akagi, Kei

 -  New Smiles And Traveled Miles ID: (5911)   Audiophile - LP   Groove Note   GRV 1004   (Jazz)   USA
Long Out Of Print 2000 180gm HQ Limited Edition, Numbered LP With Bonus 45rpm 12 Inch. Both Discs Appear New, Unplayed. This Is Low Number 0406. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:54 PM)


 -  Popular Music Of The Baroque ID: (90733)   TAS List - LP   Reference Recordings   RR 13   (Classical)   USA
Stunning 1983 45rpm Original Housed In A Gatefold Jacket. Another Professor Johnson Recording That Will Simply Astound You With Its Natural Audio Capture And Sense Of Space. Featuring Canada's Original-Instrument Baroque Orchestra ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:50 PM)

Lavi, Daliah

 -  Sympathy ID: (97528)   Used - LP   Polydor   2310 100   (Pop)   Germany
Beautiful 1971 Red Label Stereo Original Housed In A Laminated Jacket. Appears Unplayed. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:48 PM)

Dali, Salvador

 -  Je Suis Fou De Dali ID: (131292)   Used - LP   JPF   39511   (Spoken Word)   France
Rare 1975 Laminated Gatefold Original. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:48 PM)

Great Jazz Trio

 -  Kindness Joy Love & Happiness ID: (40837)   New - LP   Inner City   IC 6023   (Jazz)   USA
Sealed 1978 Original. The Most Difficult To Find Title Of The Great Jazz Trio. Hank Jones, Piano; Ron Carter, Bass; Tony Williams. First Copy We Have Had In Stock Since 2007. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:46 PM)

Heaven & Earth

 -  Heaven & Earth ID: (62009)   New - LP   Mercury   SRM-1-3722   (Soul)   USA
Sealed 1978 Original. "Heaven & Earth's Debut Release On Phonogram (Mercury) Featured A String Of Ballads, Which Highlighted Impressive Vocals, Arrangements And Harmonies. Dean Williams Demonstrates His Vocal Prowess Throughout Th ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:45 PM)

Jaam Brothers

 -  Jelly Jaam Sound ID: (76817)   New - LP   Life   D1 71802   (Soul)   USA
Sealed 1990 Original. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:45 PM)

Gaye, Marvin

 -  In Our Lifetime ID: (25789)   New - LP   Tamla   T8-374MI   (Soul)   USA
Sealed 1981 Original. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:45 PM)

James, Rick

 -  Wonderful ID: (26531)   New - LP   Reprise   25659   (Soul)   USA
Sealed 1988 Gatefold Original, Small Saw Cut. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:44 PM)

Taylor, R. Dean

 -  I Think, Therefore I Am ID: (25816)   New - LP   Rare Earth   RS 522   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 1970 Heavy Vinyl Original Featuring His Monster Hits "Gotta See Jane," "Indiana Wants Me," And More. Tiny Saw Notch And Seam Rubbing. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:44 PM)

Jarre, Maurice

 -  Witness ID: (106302)   New - LP   Varese Sarabande   STV 81237   (Soundtrack)   USA
Sealed 1985 Soundtrack Featuring Compositions By Maurice Jarre. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:44 PM)

High Strung

 -  ¿Posible O Imposible? ID: (116395)   New - LP   Paper Thin   PTR07   (Pop)   USA
Sealed Out Of Print 2012 Original. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:44 PM)

Weiss, Chuck E.

 -  Other Side Of Town ID: (69439)   Used - LP   Select   SEL 21611   (Pop)   USA
1981 Original, Cut Corner. This LP Was Withdrawn Immediately Upon Its Release Because Select Records Did Not Have The Permission Of The Artist To Release It. Chuck E. Weiss Is THE Chuck E. Referred To In Rickie Lee Jones' Monster ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:43 PM)

Kravitz, Lenny

 -  Black And White America ID: (108529)   New - LP   Roadrunner   177046   (Pop)   USA
Sealed, Out Of Print Limited Edition 2011 Box Set Featuring 2LPs Housed In A Gatefold Cover, A CD Of The Album, A DVD With Live Performances And Short Films, And A 46 Page Hardcover Book. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:43 PM)

Various Artists

 -  Extrasonic Vol. 1 High Velocity Sound ID: (58753)   Audiophile - LP   Concert Recording   CR-S033   (Test - LP)   USA
Sealed 45rpm Stereo Original. Various Theatre Organs Around The World Are Reproduced At 45rpm For Staggering Sound Quality. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:42 PM)


 -  Opera Sauvage ID: (131909)   Used - LP   Polydor   VAN 04   (Soundtrack)   USA
1979 Original With Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink. Recorded at Nemo Studios, London 1978 and 1979. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:42 PM)


 -  Anthology 2 ID: (18207)   New - LP   Apple   34448   (Pop)   USA
Factory Sealed, Out Of Print 1996 3LP Triple Gatefold. The Most Difficult To Find Of The Three Volume Series. Features Many Previously Unreleased Tracks. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:41 PM)

Dr. John

 -  Zu Zu Man ID: (109197)   New - LP   Trip   TLP 9518   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 1989 Original Compilation Of Studio Outtakes. Couple Spots Of Light Seam Wear Where Shrink Has Torn. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:29 PM)

Jonathan Greer Singers

 -  Recorded Live In Nashville, Tennessee ID: (65163)   New - LP   Savoy   14429   (Gospel)   USA
Sealed 1977 Original. ...more details
(19-Aug-16 : 02:29 PM)