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Album Cover: Morrison, Van-Bang Sessions

Morrison, Van

 -  Bang Sessions ID: (127472)   New - LP   Cleopatra / Purple Pyramid   CLP 2031   (Pop)   USA
Sealed Out Of Print 2009 180gm Original. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:43 PM)
Album Cover: Morrison, Van-Tupelo Honey

Morrison, Van

 -  Tupelo Honey ID: (127468)   New - LP   Polydor   06025 17753136   (Pop)   Czechoslovakia
Sealed, Long Out Of Print Gatefold Reissue Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:40 PM)
Album Cover: Lynyrd Skynyrd-Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

Lynyrd Skynyrd

 -  Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd ID: (127467)   New - LP   Music On Vinyl   MOVLP378   (Pop)   Netherlands
Sealed, Out Of Print 2011 Gatefold Reissue Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:40 PM)
Album Cover: Lost In The Trees-All Alone In An Empty House

Lost In The Trees

 -  All Alone In An Empty House ID: (127465)   New - LP   ANTI   87098   (Pop)   USA
Sealed, Out Of Print 2010 Original. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:39 PM)
Album Cover: Chris Robinson Brotherhood-Magic Door

Chris Robinson Brotherhood

 -  Magic Door ID: (127461)   New - LP   Silver Arrow   21122   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 2012 2LP 180gm Gatefold Original. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:29 PM)
Album Cover: Journey-Greatest Hits


 -  Greatest Hits ID: (127458)   New - LP   Legacy   88697784421   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 2011 2LP Gatefold Reissue Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl. Two Hype Stickers On The Front Baggy. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:25 PM)
Album Cover: Stewart, Rod-Never A Dull Moment

Stewart, Rod

 -  Never A Dull Moment ID: (127456)   New - LP   Lilith   900419   (Pop)   Netherlands
Sealed 2008 Gatefold Reissue Pressed On 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:24 PM)
Album Cover: Crumb, George-Makrokosmos Vol. 1

Crumb, George

 -  Makrokosmos Vol. 1 ID: (36009)   TAS List - LP   Columbia   H 71293   (Classical)   USA
Beautiful 1974 Original In Unplayed Condition. TAS Superdisc Title. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:23 PM)
Album Cover: Philadelphia-Philadelphia


 -  Philadelphia ID: (5933)   New - LP   RCA   APL1-0714   (Soul)   USA
Sealed 1974 Original. Features "Natural High", "Inner City Blues", "Keep On Truckin", "Smilin' Faces Sometimes" And More. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 02:00 PM)
Album Cover: Morrison, Van-It's Too Late To Stop Now

Morrison, Van

 -  It's Too Late To Stop Now ID: (127471)   New - LP   Polydor   0042283916616   (Pop)   Netherlands
Sealed, Out Of Print 2LP Gatefold Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:49 PM)
Album Cover: Ramones-Pleasant Dreams


 -  Pleasant Dreams ID: (461)   Used - LP   Sire   SRK 3571   (Pop)   USA
1981 Original With Custom Inner Sleeve. Produced By Graham Gouldman. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:48 PM)
Album Cover: Parasites-Parasites


 -  Parasites ID: (127573)   Colored Vinyl   Shredder   SH 08   (Pop)   USA
Rare 1990 Red Splash Vinyl Original With Custom Insert. Appears Unplayed. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:48 PM)
Album Cover: Chicago-Chicago II


 -  Chicago II ID: (117784)   Used - LP   Columbia   KGP 24   (Pop)   USA
1970 2LP 2nd Label Gatefold With Custom Song Sticker On Shrink. Includes Giant Wall Poster Under The Shrink. Both LPs Appear New, Unplayed. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:46 PM)
Album Cover: Blue Oyster Cult-Tyranny And Mutation

Blue Oyster Cult

 -  Tyranny And Mutation ID: (78399)   Used - LP   Columbia   KC 32017   (Pop)   USA
Beautiful "KC"" Prefix 1973 Original With The Custom Black Inner Sleeve And Still In Shrink Wrap. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. “On Tyranny And Mutation, Blue Öyster Cult Achieved The Seemingly Impossible: They Brightened Their Sound ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:44 PM)
Album Cover: Radiohead-Hail To The Thief


 -  Hail To The Thief ID: (111287)   New - LP   Capitol   84543   (Pop)   USA
Sealed 2013 180gm 2LP Gatefold Reissue. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:33 PM)
Album Cover: Radiohead-Pablo Honey


 -  Pablo Honey ID: (60310)   New - LP   Capitol   81409   (Pop)   USA
Factory Sealed, Out Of Print Limited Edition 2008 180gm Vinyl. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:32 PM)
Album Cover: Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated-R & B From The Marquee

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated

 -  R & B From The Marquee ID: (12794)   Audiophile - LP   Mobile Fidelity   MFSL 1-265   (Blues)   USA
Factory Sealed, Limited Edition, Numbered Half-Speed Mastered 200gm Anadisc Housed In A Deluxe Gatefold Jacket. This Is Number 1193. Recorded In Mono By Jack Clegg In 1962. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:10 PM)
Album Cover: Stewart, Rod-Rod Stewart Album

Stewart, Rod

 -  Rod Stewart Album ID: (127476)   New - LP   Netherlands   900242   (Pop)   USA
Sealed, Out Of Print 2008 Gatefold Reissue Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:09 PM)
Album Cover: Reverend Douglas Bell & The Stage Cruisers-Nuclear Blast

Reverend Douglas Bell & The Stage Cruisers

 -  Nuclear Blast ID: (127422)   New - LP   Big Legal Mess Records   BLM0245   (Gospel)   USA
Sealed, Out Of Print 2009 Limited Edition 180gm Original. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:08 PM)
Album Cover: Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses-Junky Star

Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses

 -  Junky Star ID: (127423)   Used - LP   Lost Highway   B0014540   (Pop)   USA
2010 2LP Gatefold Original In Shrink Wrap. Both LPs Appear Glossy, Unplayed. This Set Is Three-Sided With Side Four Being A Laser Etching Of The Aircraft On The Front Cover. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:08 PM)
Album Cover: Blackberry Smoke-The Whippoorwill

Blackberry Smoke

 -  The Whippoorwill ID: (127421)   New - LP   Southern Ground Artists   SGA012   (Pop)   USA
Sealed, Out Of Print 2012 Limited Edition 2LP Pressed On Premium White Vinyl Housed In A Gatefold Cover With Hype Sticker. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:07 PM)
Album Cover: Hansard, Glen-Rhythm And Repose

Hansard, Glen

 -  Rhythm And Repose ID: (127420)   New - LP   Anti   87203   (Pop)   USA
Out Of Print, 2012 Original Still In Shrink Wrap With Hype Sticker. Unplayed Copy With About 1cm Of The Shrink Wrap Sealing The Mouth. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:07 PM)
Album Cover: Queens Of The Stone Age-Like Clockwork

Queens Of The Stone Age

 -  Like Clockwork ID: (107229)   New - LP   Matador   11040-H   (Pop)   Germany
Sealed, Out Of Print 2013 2LP 45rpm Housed In A Limited Edition Ultra Thick Cover. High Quality Vinyl Pressed At Pallas In Europe, And Includes A 20 Page 12x12 Book. For Their First Album In Six Years, Joshua Homme’s Mighty Queens ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 12:06 PM)
Album Cover: Westbrook, Mike / Chris Biscoe / Kate Westbrook-Love For Sale

Westbrook, Mike / Chris Biscoe / Kate Westbrook

 -  Love For Sale ID: (112373)   New - LP   Hat Art   2031   (Jazz)   Switzerland
Sealed 1985 2LP Original Housed In A Die-Cut Box. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 11:20 AM)
Album Cover: Westbrook, Mike / Norma Winstone-Metropolis

Westbrook, Mike / Norma Winstone

 -  Metropolis ID: (55670)   Used - LP   Neon   NE.10   (Jazz)   UK
1971 UK Gatefold Original. Features Kenny Wheeler, Harold Beckett, Dave Holdsworth, Mike Osborne, Norma Winstone (Other-Worldly Vocals) And Others. LP Appears Glossy, Unplayedon With 1E/2E (Lowest) Stampers. Has Closed At Over $45 ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 11:16 AM)
Album Cover: Felix, Julie-Flowers

Felix, Julie

 -  Flowers ID: (80464)   Used - LP   Fontana   STL 5437   (Folk)   UK
Stunning Archival Quality 1967 UK Black And Silver Label, Heavy Vinyl Stereo Original Housed In A Laminated Jacket. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. Features One Of Our All-Time Favorite Hippie-Psych Flower Power Cover Photos. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 11:15 AM)
Album Cover: Wright, Dempsey-The Wright Approach

Wright, Dempsey

 -  The Wright Approach ID: (99909)   New - LP   Andex   A 3006   (Jazz)   USA
Sealed 1958 Mono Original. Features Richie Kamuca, Stan Levy And Ben Tucker. Pristine Copy. “Dempsey Wright, Who Came Out Of Nowhere To Record A Small Label Album In The 1970s, Has Been Essentially Forgotten For Decades. However, ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 11:13 AM)
Album Cover: Gardot, Melody-My One And Only Thrill

Gardot, Melody

 -  My One And Only Thrill ID: (121083)   New - LP   Verve   B0012563   (Jazz)   USA
Sealed 2009 180gm Original. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 10:07 AM)
Album Cover: Gino Robair / Anthony Braxton-Duets 1987

Gino Robair / Anthony Braxton

 -  Duets 1987 ID: (112978)   Used - LP   Rastascan   BRD 002   (Jazz)   USA
Rare 1987 Original LP Released As A Hand Printed/Numbered Edition Of 1000 Housed In A Hand Made Envelope Style Jacket Designed By Amy Webb. This Is A Non Numbered Promo Copy. Appears Unplayed.Saw Cut. "Braxton Concentrated Heavil ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 09:14 AM)
Album Cover: Faure / Parrenin Quartet-La Musique De Chambre

Faure / Parrenin Quartet

 -  La Musique De Chambre ID: (99488)   Used - LP   EMI   2C 165-16331/6   (Classical)   France
1979 6LP Laminated Box Set Original With 22 Page Illustrated Booklet. All Six LPs Appear Glossy, Unplayed. ...more details
(28-Aug-15 : 08:23 AM)