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12-inch LP vinyl record disk with plastic cleaning or washing clamp

The Best Way to Store Your Vinyl Record Albums

Tips on How to Keep Them in Pristine Condition Vinyl records are precious to every collector and the way you store them can make all the difference. Not only can they be costly, but records aren’t as readily available as they used to be, making them more of a precious commodity. The more thought you...

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20 LPs You Need in Your Record Collection

This is a list of some of the greatest LPs ever recorded and albums every collector needs in their vinyl record collection. These albums are the top LPs to collect because they are thought of as some of the most important for the era they were released in, the genre they are part of, or...

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Are scratched vinyl records worth anything?

Are scratched vinyl records worth anything? This is the age old question we, as record stores, hear time and again! But, before you discard those well loved 33’s & 45rpm’s you fear to be destined for the dustbin, let’s take a closer look at what value is actually left in a scratched record and all...

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Where Can I Find Vinyl Records?

My vinyl days were not unlike so many others in the 1970s. In my mind, I conjure up snapshots of my past, as if I am leafing through a catalog of images. Sitting with college roommates and their friends, as we play one record after another, as if we’re playing “Battle of the Bands”. We...

Young man browsing vinyl records in music store

Should I Buy Vinyl Records from a Store or Online

As vinyl records spin back into relevance a dilemma unveils. There’s a reason music lovers dive down the rabbit hole investing hundreds of hours designing the optimal stereo system for their environment to maximize their music listening experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s Hip Hop or Classical music, to experience vinyl is to fully engage...

old vinyl record

Do vinyl records disintegrate, how long do they last?

They say the Long Play 33rpm vinyl record was introduced around 1948. The record has found its way through many iterations but it is essentially still the same. Allowing for approximately 20 minutes a side it is said to provide the best sound quality in recorded form. As we witness a resurgence of vinyl records...