Jeff Parker Trio - Bright Light In Winter

Album Cover - Jeff Parker Trio - Bright Light In Winter

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Sealed 2012 Original. “Jeff Parker's Music Is Not Relentless, But It Is Punctuated And Enunciated With A Mystic Sense Of Fluid Rhythms And A Sensitivity That At Times Have A Sonic Flair To Them, Sparking Images Of Post-Rock And Airy Etherial Movements That Ebb And Flow With An Almost Haunting Quality ... Full Of Chromatic Overtures That Are Counter-Balanced By A Solid Baseline That Doesn't So Much Interplay With Jeff's Well Considered And Structured Playful Guitar Innovations, As They Weave In And Out Of Them, Like A Flock Of Birds In Flight. Mr. Parker Can Be Innovative, But Here He Doesn't Allow The Stew To Boil, Only Simmer, Allowing Only Occasional Notes To Seep From Under The Lid To Tickle Your Taste-Buds Before Venturing Off With A Controlled Swing That Both Holds Your Attention And Permits You To Wander Off Into The Unknown. Neither Does Jeff Ever Cut The Tether, He Keeps You Within His Sphere Of Influence, Allowing For That Dreamy Half-State Where One Is Barely Aware That They Are Dreaming Or Awake ... A Twilight Within Which Jeff Manipulates All The Effects, Rolling One Song Into The Next By Creating An Atmosphere Of Warm Half-Light Washed With Passages That Sound Familiar, Yet Are Actually Just Interludes Leading Into The Jeff Parker Trio's Luscious Meanderings.” Jenell Kesler.

Artist: Jeff Parker Trio Title: Bright Light In Winter Genre: Jazz Type: New - LP Label: Delmark Catalog ID: DF 2015 Country: USA Our ID: 106666
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