Wildhearts - P.H.U.Q.

Album Cover - Wildhearts - P.H.U.Q.
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New, Unplayed 1995 Limited Edition, Textured Gatefold Original With Custom Slbum Hype Sticker On The Cover. “Though It Had Featured A Stunning Collection Of Would-Be Hits And Almost-Classic Hard Rock Anthems, The Wildhearts' First Full-Length Album Earth Vs. The Wildhearts Had Suffered From A Terribly Lifeless Production Job Which Somehow Managed To Douse Most Of The Band's Volatile Spark. So It Was With Great Relief That Listeners Finally Got To Enjoy All The Creative, Daring, Explosive Power And Barely Reigned-In Lunacy Of The Band's Incredible Live Performances With The Release Of Their Excellent 1995 Sophomore Effort P.H.U.Q. ven By Main Man Ginger's Production Line Standards, Tracks Like "Just In Lust," "Nita Nitro," And "Jonesing For Jones" Rank Among The Wildhearts' Best Material, And Opener "I Wanna Go Where The People Go" Is Quite Possibly Their Best Single Ever -- No Mean Feat. By Contrast, The Album's Climax Arrives With An Extended Suite Which Begins With The Cleverly Titled Instrumental "Cold Patootie Tango" Careens Through The Stop-Start Dynamics Of "Caprice" And Concludes With The Cathartic Anthem Of Disenfranchisement Which Is "Be My Drug." With So Much Inspiration Flying Around, Ginger's Sardonic, Profanity-Laced Lyrics Are Often The Only Thing Limiting The Hit Potential. P.H.U.Q. Officially Concludes With The Frenetically Repetitive "Getting It." Despite Being Embraced By Critics And Fans In Britain And Across Europe, P.H.U.Q. Was To Be The Wildhearts' Most Overlooked Masterpiece In America, And It Is Little Wonder That The Band Never Fully Recovered From Their Disappointment.” Eduardo Rivadavia, AMG.

Artist: Wildhearts Title: P.H.U.Q. Genre: Pop Type: New - LP Label: EastWest Catalog ID: 10654 Country: France Our ID: 118187
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