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Sealed 1976 Gatefold Original. The Original Forty Year Old K-Mart Price Tag Is Still On The Shrink Wrap. “Funkadelic's Major-Label Jump Brought Its Version Of Life More Into Line With Parliament, Though The Crucial Difference Between The Two -- Funkadelic's Guitars Vs. Parliament's Horns -- Remains Intact. Eddie Hazel Is Missed, As Always, But Gary Shider And Mike Hampton Do Fine Work. Whoever Peels Off The Concluding Solo At The End Of "Comin' Round The Mountain" Deserves Credit. Similar Exercises In Feedback Can Be Found On The Title Track And Elsewhere, Sometimes Great, Sometimes Timekeeping. Still, After All, The Album Itself Is Dedicated "To The Guitar Players Of The World," So It Can't Be Said That George Clinton And Company Aren't Keeping The Proper Focus On Things. "If You Got Fun, You Got Style" Makes For A Better Chat-Up Dancefloor Appreciation Than Most. And Who Could Knock The Use Of The "There's A Place In France/Where The Ladies Wear No Pants" Melody In "You Scared The Lovin' Outta Me"? Pedro Bell Does Some Of His Best Work Ever For The Cover And Inside Art, While The Accompanying Short Story Is Hilarious.” Ned Raggett, AMG. “Eddie Hazel Is All Over This Album. "Grace Cook" Is Eddie Hazel. That's Clearly Him On "Comin' Round The Mountain" And "Hardcore Jollies" As The Guitar Solo Features The Phaser Sound He Favored At That Time (Check His Games, Dames, And Guitar Thangs). He's Also Listed As Co-Writer Of "Soul Mate." So The Album Is Not Missing Eddie Hazel As He Takes The Two Most Dynamic Solos On The Production (Taking Nothing Away From The Michael Hampton/Gary Shider Duet On "Cosmic Slop.")." DeAngelo Starns.

Artist: Funkadelic Title: Hardcore Jollies Genre: Funk Type: New - LP Label: Warner Catalog ID: BS 2973 Country: USA Our ID: 143567
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