Colvin, Shawn - Steady On

Album Cover - Colvin, Shawn - Steady On
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Sealed, Hard To Find 1989 Vinyl. Clean COH. First Sealed Copy We have Ever Seen. Sonically, "Steady On" Is A Triumph, With Its Emotional Intimacy Captured With Smooth Precision. Vocally, Colvin's Tender, Sometimes Whisper-Like Performances Are Astonishing And Haunting, Provocative And Seductive All At Once. Then There Are The Songs That Flow So Effortlessly Into One Another That To Remove Even One Would Seemingly Upset The Entire Balance Of The Cosmos As We Know It. The Sly Colvin Adeptly Plays With Words, Beats, Phrasing, And Rhymes, Focusing Not Just On The Meaning, But Also The Feel And Rhythm Of The Lyrics To Great Effect. Having Once Claimed That She Tends To Write About The "Positive Side Of The Painful Experience," This Album Proves Her Point, For Even If You Do Listen Amidst Gray Skies And Drizzles, You Will Be Soothed To The Point Of Contentment. Billboard Called It " A Breathtaking Debut!" And Musician Called Her "A Major New Voice."

Artist: Colvin, Shawn Title: Steady On Genre: Pop Type: New - LP Label: Columbia Catalog ID: FC 45209 Country: USA Our ID: 24762
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