Costello, Elvis - Momofuku

Album Cover - Costello, Elvis - Momofuku
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Factory Sealed 2008 Gatefold Original. Includes MP3 Download Of Entire Album. "The Absence Of Much Advance Notice Or Information Might Seem A Little Strange And Perverse But The Record Was Made So Quickly That I Didn't Even Tell Myself About It For A Couple Weeks. So, What Can I Tell You About "Momofuku"? Well, Obviously The Title Is A Tribute To Momofuku Ando, The Inventor Of The Cup Noodle. Like So Many Things In This World Of Wonders, All We Had To Do To Make This Record Was Add Water. Now, I Understand That There Is Also A Fancy Eatery In New York City That Has Made The Same Connection With Ando-San. So, Just In Case Anybody Is Inclined To Mistake Our Record For Something Edible, We've Added A Disclaimer To The Record Jacket. I Like Saying, "Record Jacket" Again. For Those Who Like To Know These Things, We Recorded Exclusively To Tape, Completing And Mixing Each Song Before Moving On To The Next. The Entire Record Took A Week To Record And Mix. The Music Has Been Pressed On Four Sides Of Vinyl For Volume And Clarity Although The Album Was Originally Sequenced With Six Tracks A-Side. Every Record Has Its Own Method. This Was The One For These Songs.” – Elvis Costello

Artist: Costello, Elvis Title: Momofuku Genre: Pop Type: New - LP Label: Lost Highway Catalog ID: 1109 Country: USA Our ID: 57982
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