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Hard To Find 1973 WLP Original. Way Whacked, But In A Good Way. “For Sheer Experimentation It Is Commendable That Bearsville/Warner Bros. Would Put Out This Fun, Synthesized Exercise. Recorded Between May 4-May 20, 1973, And Produced By The Keyboardist (Who Holds A Real Amphibian In His Hand On The Back Cover Photo), It Is "Tubular Bells" In Need Of An Exorcist Film To Get Some Kind Of Recognition. There Are Seven Expensive And Unbelievable Pages Of Glossy Paper Which Include Jim Rooney's Extensive Liner Notes And Biographical Material On Labat. At Times It Is More Interesting Than This Music, Which Is In Search Of Its Own Riff And Genre. The Pages Have Labat's "Notation For Synthesizer Music Which Works Through Colors" — A Dizzying Array Of Forms And Shapes Inside Graphs Using A Written Fusion Of Material From "Physics Books, Wave Lengths, The Color Spectrum" — Essentially, He's Created Sheet Music For The Synthesizer. M. Frog Is Interesting, Boundary-Pushing, And Amusing. It's A Project Worth Investigating, Though It Missed The Mark. Had He Infused Just A Bit More Of The Gregorian Chant Style That Slips In (From His Time At A Benedictine Monastery), A Somewhat Soothing "Relax Goliath" Might Have Broken Out Of Its Edgar Froese/Kraftwerk Malaise And Obtained Some Serious FM Airplay. It Just Needed Those Voices In Robes To Bring It Home. Titles Like "Monkey People" And "Champegarpaen" Prove That The Synthesizer Was Fun As An Instrument Of Exploration. The "We Are Crazy" Instrumental Which Opens Side Two Might Have Given That Other M A Run For His Money. When It Is Frivolous It Works Best, And Perhaps The Great Liner Notes And "Sheet Music" Were All In Jest! M. Frog Is A Wendy Carlos Album Without The Familiar Structure — The Switched On Bach Of The Underground.” – Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

Artist: Labat, Jean Yves Title: M. Frog Genre: Electronic Type: Used - LP Label: Bearsville Catalog ID: BR 2140 Country: USA Our ID: 62605
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