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Sealed 1974 Original. “It Is One Of The Most Entrenched Visions In The Rock Critic's Vocabulary; Nico As Doomed Valkyrie, Droning Death-Like Through A Harsh Gothic Monotone, A Drained Beauty Pumping Dirges From Her Harmonium While A Voice As Old As Dirt Hangs Cobwebs Round The Chords. In Fact She Only Made One Album Which Remotely Fit That Bill -- This One -- And It's A Symbol Of Its Significance That Even The Cliché Emerges As A Thing Of Stunning Beauty. Her First Album Following Three Years Of Rumor And Speculation, The End Was Consciously Designed To Highlight The Nico Of Already Pertinent Myth. Stark, Dark, Bare, And Frightening, The Harmonium Dominant Even Amid The Splendor Of Eno's Synthesized Menace, John Cale's Childlike Piano, And Phil Manzanera's Scratchy, Effects-Whipped Guitar, It Is The Howling Wind Upon Wuthering Heights, Deathless Secrets In Airless Dungeons, Ancient Mysteries In The Guise Of Modern Icons. But To Dwell On The Fear Is To Overlook The Beauty -- The End, First And Foremost, Is An Album Of Intimate Simplicity And Deceptive Depths. Nico's Voice Stuns, Soaring And Swooping Into Unimagined Corners. No Less Than "Das Lied Der Deutschen," Both "Valley Of The Kings" And "It Has Not Taken Long" Make A Mockery Of The Lazy Critical Complaints That She Simply Grumbled Along In A One-Note Wail, While The Arrangements (Most Of Which Were Nico's Own; Producer Cale Admits He Spent Most Of His Time In The Studio Simply Marveling) Utterly Rerout Even The Most Generous Interpretation Of What "Rock Music" Should Sound Like. The End Doesn't Simply Subvert Categorization. It Defies Time Itself.” – Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

Artist: Nico Title: The End Genre: Pop Type: New - LP Label: Island Catalog ID: ILPS 9311 Country: UK Our ID: 64157
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