Dylan, Bob - Together Through Life

Album Cover - Dylan, Bob - Together Through Life
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Sealed 2009 Double 180gm HQ Plus The Full Album On CD Enclosed. Together Through Life, Recorded Late 2008 After Dylan Was Asked To Compose Music For A Forthcoming Film By French Director Oliver Dahan, Takes Its Musical Cues From Classic 1950s Chess And Sun Recordings. "I Like The Mood Of Those Records - The Intensity," Dylan Says In An Interview Published On His Website. "The Sound Is Uncluttered. There's Power And Suspense. The Whole Vibration Feels Like It Could Be Coming From Inside Your Mind. It's Alive. It's Right There. Kind Of Sticks In Your Head Like A Toothache." The Together Through Life Songs "Have A More Romantic Edge" Than The Music On Modern Times, Dylan's 2007 Album That Debuted On The Billboard 200 At No. 1. "The Songs On Modern Times Brought My Repertoire Up To Date, And The Light Was Directed In A Certain Way. You Have To Have Somebody In Mind As An Audience Otherwise There's No Point," Dylan Says.

Artist: Dylan, Bob Title: Together Through Life Genre: Pop Type: New - LP Label: Columbia Catalog ID: 43893 Country: USA Our ID: 90845
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