Eberhard Schoener / Sting / Andy Summers - Video Magic

Album Cover - Eberhard Schoener / Sting / Andy Summers - Video Magic
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Sealed 1981 Original Featuring Sting And Andy Summers, Clean Cut Out Hole. “Although Schoener's Atmospheric Washes Of Keyboards Are To Be Duly Noted, The Undeniable Focus Of Interest Here Is The Constant Presence Of Guest Backing Band The Police. For Police Fanatics, This Album Is A Real Find: Not So Good As A "Lost" Police Album, Perhaps, But Better Than The Brimstone And Treacle Soundtrack. Summers' Guitar Takes On A Rockier Sound Than Usual, And Copeland's Drumming Work Is As Tight And Propulsive As Ever. Sting's Bass And Vocals Here Are Often Low In The Mix, With His Voice Echoing And Mantra-Like In Repetition. This Is Used To Wonderful Effect In The Pulsing "Why Don't You Answer" And The Soaring Opening Track, "Trans-Am." Even A Bit Of Rapid-Fire Urban Narrative Is Indulged In "San Francisco Waitress." This All Isn't As Much Of An Abberation As New Wave Police Fans Might Think: The Band Had Hidden Prog-Rock Roots, As Summers Was An Early Soft Machine Alum And Copeland A Veteran Of Curved Air. This Album, And Schoener's Influence, Caught The Police At A Turning Point In Their Development From A Guitar Band In Zenyatta Mondatta To A Moodier Studio Band With A Broader Sonic Palette In Ghost In The Machine.” – Paul Collins, AMG

Artist: Eberhard Schoener / Sting / Andy Summers Title: Video Magic Genre: Pop Type: New - LP Label: Harvest Catalog ID: ST 12171 Country: USA Our ID: 22011
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