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Album Cover - Sacred Miracle Cave - Sacred Miracle Cave
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Sealed 1991 Original. A Studio Project Involving Members Of The Lazy Cowgirls, The Raunchettes, Clawhammer, And Friends, This Was A Showcase For The Songs And Vocals Of Betsy Palmer And The Extreme Guitarisms Of Keith Teligman And Chris B. Psychedelic As Hell, Twisted, Anguished, Goes From Libidinous Inferno To Naive Ballad. Produced By David Roback! Includes All The Early Singles That Were On Sympathy And More. “Hypnotic At Times And Really Meshes The Gap Between The Heavier Psych Stuff Of The Early 70s And The Stoner Rock That Will Come A Few Years Later In The 90s. It Has That Sound Often, But Also Has Some 80s Vibe In There. That Aspect Of It Isn't Really For Me, But It Is Very Interesting And Different Which Can Be Difficult To Find When You Dig Into These Genres Too Long. If You're Into 80s Vocals And Dig The Spacey/Desert Rock In The 90s This Is For You, Man. I'll Definitely Pull It Off Of The Shelf Periodically. Light One Up And Give It A Try.” Mygrassisblue.

Artist: Sacred Miracle Cave Title: Sacred Miracle Cave Genre: Pop Type: New - LP Label: Bomp Catalog ID: BLP 4034 Country: USA Our ID: 64896
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