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1989 Original With Gold Promo Stamp On Front Cover And Custom Inner Sleeve. Glossy, Unplayed Condition. “Led By Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Actor, And All-Around Artistic Troublemaker Pyotr Manonov, Zvuki Mu Was One Of The Few Bands Of The So-Called "Russian Revolution" In Late-'80s Pop Music That Merited More Than A Casual Glance From Western Audiences. (As Opposed To Bands Like The Remarkably Dull Hard Rockers Gorky Park.) Formed In 1981 By Manonov, Who Was Already A Published Author In His Early 30s, Zvuki Mu (Literally "Sounds Of Moo," An Absurdist Name That Suits Manonov's Playful Lyrical Style) Performed Increasingly Above-Ground Gigs In Russia And Eastern Europe Throughout The '80s. By 1989, As Mikhail Gorbachev's Glasnost Policies Were Taking Effect And The Iron Curtain Was Starting To Crumble, Zvuki Mu Began To Make A Name For Themselves In The West, To The Point That Brian Eno Signed The Group To His Own Opal Label And Produced Their First Album, 1989's Zvuki Mu.” – Stewart Mason, AMG

Artist: Zvuki Mu Title: Zvuki Mu Genre: Pop Type: Used - LP Label: Opal Catalog ID: 25916 Country: USA Our ID: 84055
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