Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji / Michael Habermann
A Legend In His Own Time
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Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji / Michael Habermann

A Legend In His Own Time
1981 Musicmasters reissue. Clean, glossy vinyl. VG++ jacket. Top copy! A Legend In His Own Time is a must-have album for any classical music enthusiast. This record features the virtuosic playing of pianist Michael Habermann, who brings to life the music of composer Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji. Sorabji's music is notoriously challenging, requiring an extraordinary level of technical skill and musical sensitivity to perform. Habermann rises to the occasion, executing intricate runs, complex harmonies, and demanding dynamics with precision and grace.

The album includes Sorabji's Opus Clavicembalisticum, a work that has been called one of the longest and most difficult pieces ever written for solo piano. Habermann's performance is nothing short of breathtaking, capturing the sweeping grandeur and intricate detail of the piece. This record is a testament to the incredible talent of both Sorabji and Habermann and is a must-listen for anyone interested in the art of piano performance.

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Track List

A1 Introito And Preludio-Corale From Opus Clavicembalisticum
A2 In The Hothouse
A3 Toccata
B1 Fantaisie Espagnole
B2 Fragment
B3 Pastiche: Habanera From Bizet’s Carmen


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