Carrack, Paul
Ace Mechanic

Carrack, Paul

Ace Mechanic
1987 UK Compilation Featuring Tracks Carrack Recorded Solo And With Mike & The Mechanics ("Silent Running"), Ace ("Why Did You Leave Me?," "C'est La Vie," "How Long," "Sniffin' About," "I Think It's Gonna Last") And Squeeze ("Tempted").
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  • Artist: Carrack, Paul
  • Genre: Pop
  • Type: Used - LP
  • Label: Demon
  • Catalog ID: FIEND 83
  • Country ID: UK
  • Our ID: 102138

Track List

A1 Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)
A2 A Little Unkind
A3 Why Did You Leave Me?
A4 Always Better With You
A5 C'est La Vie
A6 I Need You
A7 How Long
B1 Tempted
B2 From Now On
B3 Sniffin' About
B4 Lesson In Love
B5 I Think It's Gonna Last
B6 Do Me Lover
B7 I Found Love