The Jayhawks

The Jayhawks


2014 2LP Original In Shrink With Hype Sticker.


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Track List

A1 Smile 3:50
A2 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me 3:40
A3 What Led Me To This Town 4:10
A4 Somewhere In Ohio 3:39
B1 A Break In The Clouds 4:00
B2 Queen Of The World 2:35
B3 Life Floats By 4:43
B4 Broken Harpoon 3:31
B5 Pretty Thing 4:19
C1 Mr. Wilson 4:27
C2 (In My) Wildest Dreams 4:31
C3 Better Days 4:36
C4 Baby, Baby, Baby 5:24
D1 Who Made You King 5:43
D2 Gypsy In The Mood 1:18
D3 A Part Of You (Demo) 3:12
D4 Life's Little Ups And Downs (Live) 4:55
D5 Greta Garbo (Demo) 3:49
D6 Five Cornered Blues (Demo) 4:01