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We offer the best prices anywhere for Mint records of all genres, especially those which are factory sealed.  Jazz, Classic Rock (US and UK original pressings), Classical and Audiophile records are our most sought-after genres. If you are interested in selling your collection, please contact us by email at with details about the quantity, condition and type of music.  At this time we are only interested in considering large collections.  When sending lists, please include the artist, title, catalog number and any other relevant information including condition.  Pictures are also helpful and very much appreciated!

Some of the flaws which severely degrade the value of records are: seam splits, corner dents, ring wear and/or writing on the covers, library tags, groove damage, surface scratches and spindle marks on the labels.  Additionally, records treated with Last liquid, especially those with Last stickers on the covers or labels, will have a lesser value.  Although almost every collection will contain some less than perfect records, we are seeking collections with a high percentage that are near to perfect. Please contact us before shipping records to us!