About Us

audiophileusa began as a small family owned mail-order business in England over 30 years ago. With the advent of the internet the company adapted to online ordering, moved to California and expanded its inventory. In 2019 Mark & Alison took over the reins of audiophileusa. With Mark’s 45 years of record collecting and music industry experience, as well as years as a radio DJ, the transition has been seamless and they have been able to stay in the groove of the simple philosophy of delivering quality records while providing excellent customer service.

With Over 50,000 records in stock our knowledgeable team ensures orders are QC’d, carefully packaged and promptly shipped. audiophileusa strives to provide the best shopping experience. We carry a huge selection of titles in most genres of music, and have a keen sense of the needs of both the connoisseur and the beginning collector.

We go beyond the Goldmine grading system, aiming to remove the subjective, and provide the fairest price according to condition and market value. If there is an issue, or just a question, we are available to address your concerns.