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Sealed 2020 black vinyl pressing. "1988" by Knxwledge is a stunningly brilliant album that offers a unique blend of old-school hip-hop beats with a contemporary twist. With 22 tracks that are packed with intricate rhythms and soulful samples, this album is a true masterpiece from start to finish. The LA-based producer's signature style of chopped-up beats and cleverly sampled melodies offer a nostalgic nod to the golden age of hip-hop, while still maintaining a fresh and modern sound.

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Track List

A1 Don't Be Afraid
A10 Solivelife
A11 Be Safe
A12 Watchwhoukallyourhomie
A13 Theykome&go
A14 Don'tgottabe
A2 [Bc] Tm's Not Promised
A3 Do You
A4 Thats Allwekando
A5 Listen
A6 Learn
A7 Howtokope
A8 With[reality]
A9 Uonlygetone
B1 Gangstallthetime
B2 Believeme
B3 Itkanbe[sonice]
B4 Makeuseofthetime
B5 Makeitliveforever
B6 Awomanslifeislove
B7 Amansloveislife/Keepon
B8 Mindin My Business