Handel / Deller Consort
Acis & Galatea

Handel / Deller Consort

Acis & Galatea
1969 2LP Stereo Box Set Original With Booklet Featuring The Deller Music Consort Directed By Alfred Deller With The Stour Music Chamber Orchestra. Both LPs Appear Unplayed.

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Track List

A1 Overture-Sinfonia
A2 Choeur: Oh The Pleasure Of The Plains
A3 Récitatif De Galatea: Ye Verdant Plains
A4 Air De Galatea: Hush, Hush, Ye Pretty Warbling Quire
A5 Air D'Acis: Vhere Shall I Seek
B1 Récitatif De Damon: Stay, Shepherd, Stay
B2 Air De Damon: Sheperd, What Art Thou Pursuing
B3 Récitatif D'Acis: Lo! Here My Love
B4 Air D'Acis: Love In Her Eyes Sits Playing
B5 Récitatif De Galatea: Oh! Didst Thou Know The Pains
B6 Air De Galatea: As When The Dove
B7 Duo D'Acis Et Galatea: Happy We
C1 Choeur: Wretched Lovers
C2 Récitatiff De Polyphemus: I Rage, I Melt
C3 Air De Polyphemus: O Ruddier Than The Cherry
C4 Récitatif De Polyphemus: Wither, Fairest, Art Tou Running
C5 Air De Polyphemus: Cease To Beauty To Be Suing
C6 Air De Damon: Would You Gain The Tender Creature
C7 Récitatif D'Acis: His Hideous Love Provokes My Rage
C8 Air D'Acis: Love Sounds Th'alarm
C9 Air De Damon: Consider, Fond Shepherd
D1 Récitatif De Galatea: Cease, Oh Cease, Thou Gentle Youth
D2 Trío: The Flocks Shall Leave The Mountains
D3 Récitatif D'Acis: Help Galatea
D4 Choeur: Mourn, All Ye Muses
D5 Air De Galatea Et Choeur: Must I My Acis Still Bemoan
D6 Récitatif De Galatea: This Done: Thus I Exert My Pow'r Divine
D7 Air De Galatea: Heart, The Seat Of Soft Delight
D8 Choeur: Galatea, DryThy Tears