Naked Soul / Sound Surgeons / Minus 8
Afrotronic 2
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Naked Soul / Sound Surgeons / Minus 8

Afrotronic 2
Sealed 2002 3LP Box Set Featuring Afro Flavored Club Tunes. 7 Of The Tracks Are Previously Unreleased. Shrink Tear. "Afrotronic 2" is a stunning showcase of the intersection between traditional African rhythms and modern electronic music. Featuring an eclectic array of talented artists from across the African continent, the album pulsates with infectious energy and soulful grooves. Whether you're a die-hard fan of African music or simply looking to expand your musical horizons, "Afrotronic 2" is a must-have addition to your collection. With its infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and expert production, this box set will broaden your horizons.

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Track List

A1 Voices Of Itun 5:30
A2 The Secret (Stonegroove's Sugarhill Spiritual Mix) 3:38
A3 Higha Spirit (Spiritual Afro Mix) 5:15
A4 Voonga Vonge 6:49
B1 Life Mirrors 5:56
B2 Guramayle 4:25
B3 Ghananight Moonlight 5:32
B4 Hard Like A Rock 7:19
C1 Voodoo Bliss (BSG Mix) 5:30
C2 Zakamucyo (Original Main Mix) 5:02
C3 High And Higher 5:57
C4 Move Out Of The Way 5:12
D1 Makoomba 9:49
D2 Funu (Hi-Life Mix) 7:48
D3 Liberia 5:32
E1 Transcent Me 8:00
E2 Snowblind (Les Gammas Remix) 6:24
E3 Pra Manha (New Sector Movements Instrumental Mix) 8:21
F1 Voodoo Bliss (Marko Bokun's Funkadelic Remix) 4:58
F2 Voodoo Bliss (Aaron Bingle's Sunbrush Remix) 5:36
F3 Voodoo Bliss (Marko Bokun's Bossa Remix) 5:36