Nash The Slash
And You Thought You Were Normal
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Nash The Slash

And You Thought You Were Normal
1982 Original. Cut Corner. Promo Sticker On Back Cover. “This is Nash's most accessible album, although admittedly that's not saying much. For one thing, he sings on this album. Sure, he shouts more than sings, but it still makes the music more approachable than on his purely instrumental releases. "Dance After Curfew," produced by Daniel Lanois, was released as a single. The opening track, Citizen, has a great beat and is almost danceable, which the iconoclastic Nash surely never intended. If wild, spooky music like "Normal" or "The Hypnotist" was married on a soundtrack to a movie like Scream, Nash might become a household name. He'd hate that.” Mark Allan, Allmusic

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  • Artist: Nash The Slash
  • Genre: Pop
  • Type: Used - LP
  • Label: PVC
  • Catalog ID: PVC 8913
  • Country ID: Canada
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