Yoko Ono With Plastic Ono Band / Elephants Memory
Approximately Infinite Universe
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Yoko Ono With Plastic Ono Band / Elephants Memory

Approximately Infinite Universe
1972 2LP Gatefold Original. "Approximately Infinite Universe" was recorded with her backing band, the Plastic Ono Band, and also featured the American rock band Elephant's Memory. The album was released on Apple Records, the label founded by Ono's husband, John Lennon. The album was recorded during a turbulent time in both Ono's personal life and in the world at large. Lennon and Ono were facing deportation from the United States due to Lennon's anti-war activism, and Ono had just undergone a miscarriage. The songs on the album reflect these struggles and address topics such as feminism, peace, and mental health. Despite mixed reviews at the time of its release, "Approximately Infinite Universe" has since been recognized as one of Ono's strongest albums. It features a diverse range of musical styles, from the hard rock of "Yang Yang" to the experimental sound collage of "What Did I Do!" The album also includes several ballads, including "Death of Samantha" and "She Hits Back," which showcase Ono's emotional range as a vocalist. In recent years, "Approximately Infinite Universe" has been reevaluated by critics and fans alike, with many recognizing it as a groundbreaking feminist statement and an important work of avant-garde rock. It remains a testament to Ono's innovative spirit and her unwavering commitment to artistic expression.


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Track List

A1 Yang Yang 3:50
A2 Death Of Samantha 6:22
A3 I Want My Love To Rest Tonight 5:11
A4 What Did I Do! 4:10
A5 Have You Seen A Horizon Lately 1:57
B1 Approximately Infinite Universe 3:20
B2 Peter The Dealer 4:44
B3 Song For John 2:05
B4 Catman (The Rosies Are Coming) 5:32
B5 What A Bastard The World Is 4:33
B6 Waiting For The Sunrise 2:32
C1 I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window 5:07
C2 Winter Song 3:36
C3 Kite Song 3:19
C4 What A Mess 2:41
C5 Shiranakatta (I Didn't Know) 3:13
C6 Air Talk 3:21
D1 I Have A Woman Inside My Soul 5:31
D2 Move On Fast 3:43
D3 Now Or Never 4:57
D4 Is Winter Here To Stay? 4:20
D5 Looking Over From My Hotel Window 3:31