D' Ariano, Ray
Are You On Something?
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D' Ariano, Ray

Are You On Something?
Sealed 1972 Original That Mimics The Bob Dylan Cover Art For "Bringing It All Back Home."


Sold Out

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Track List

A1 Woodstock 3:13
A2 I'm Miserable 1:38
A3 Cheech And Ernie 1:06
A4 The Jameson Diet 0:58
A5 The Universe 0:44
A6 Radio Suite 9:02
A7 Late Talk 3:30
B1 Groovy 0:17
B2 Are You On Something? 1:25
B3 Thank God 0:17
B4 The Classic 1:18
B5 S D P 1:15
B6 Special New Roommates 3:12
B7 How To Make It With Chicks 5:15
B8 Paulie 3:40