Geesin, Ron
As He Stands
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Geesin, Ron

As He Stands
Rare 1973 UK Private Pressing. LP Appears Glossy. “This Quintessential British Nutter's C.V. (Which Includes Stints As Pink Floyd's Arranger On Atom Heart Mother And Roger Waters' Collaborator On "Music From The Body") Is Likely Well Known To Most MS Followers And His Inimitably Screwy And Instantly Identifiable Sonic Imprint Is Writ Large Across This, His Second Proper LP (Third If You Count His Uncharacteristically Abstract Library Music Release "Electrosound"). Second Only To His Later "Right Through" In The Mindfuck Sweepstakes, This Delirious Masterstroke Weds Blithering Python-Esque Bulldada To Wry And Impishly Capering Cod Classical Arrangements, Queasy And Wheezy Electronic Themes (A Few Straight Out Out Of The Wendy Carlos Cookbook) And Elegant Little Acoustic Guitar Etudes, With Bits And Bobs Of Music Hall, Ragtime, Musique Concrete And Sundry Other Unlikely Genres Tossed In For Maximal Head Scratching Potential.” Mutant Sounds.

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Track List

Roll 'Em Bowl 'Em - In 3 Movements 3:04
A1a Part 1 - 2 Organs
A1b Part 2 - Electronic Whistling/Acoustic Guitar/Wind
A1c Part 3 - 2 Acoustic Guitars/Electronics
A2 Duet For Two And Street Market 2:47
A3 On-Through-Out-Up 2:37
A4 Waiting For Life 1:16
A5 The Middle Of Whose Night? 2:29
A6 Wrap A Keyboard Round A Plant 3:17
A7 Twist And Knit For Two Guitars 2:25
A8 Up Above My Heart 2:01
B1 A Cymbal And Much Electronics 2:39
B2 To Roger Waters Wherever You Are 2:59
B3 Mr Peugeot's Trot 1:11
B4 Upon Compostion 2:59
B5 Concrete Line Up 2:20
B6 Rise Up Sebastian! 2:27
B7 Looming View 1:31
B8 Can't You Stop That Thing? 2:37