Brown, Danny
Atrocity Exhibition
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Brown, Danny

Atrocity Exhibition
Sealed 2016 2LP pressing. This electro, abstract, experimental, hardcore album literally has something for everyone. Features Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweashirt, B-Soul, Kelela and B-Real. You will come out on the backend of this listen feeling the the power of this record.

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Track List

A1 Downward Spiral 2:52
A2 Tell Me What I Don't Know 2:31
A3 Rolling Stone 3:47
B4 Really Doe 5:19
B5 Lost 2:07
B6 Ain't It Funny 2:57
B7 Golddust 2:24
C10 Dance In The Water 2:37
C11 From The Ground 2:18
C8 White Lines 2:23
C9 Pneumonia 3:39
D12 When It Rain 3:15
D13 Today 3:07
D14 Get Hi 3:33
D15 Hell For It 3:49

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