Grenfell, Joyce / Stanley Holloway
Bab Ballads And Cautionary Tales
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Grenfell, Joyce / Stanley Holloway

Bab Ballads And Cautionary Tales
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Track List

The Bab Ballads Of W.S. Gilbert
Cautionary Tales By Hilaire Belloc
A1 The Sensation Captain
A2 Ben Allah Achmet; Or, The Fatal Tum
A3 Phrenology
A4 The Ape And The Lady
A5 Babette's Love
A6 Peter The Wag
A7 The Yarn Of The "Nancy Bell"
B1 About John, Who Lost A Fortune By Throwing Stones
B10 Sarah Byng, Who Could Not Read And Was Tossed Into A Thorny Hedge By A Bull
B11 Charles Augustus Fortescue, Who Always Did What Was Right, And So Accumulated An Enormous Fort
B12 Jack and His Pony, Tom
B13 Tom And His Pony, Jack
B14 The Example
B15 The Garden Party
B2 Jum, Who Ran Away From His Nurse, And Was Eaten By A Lion
B3 Henry King, Who Chewed Bits Of String, And Was Early Cut Off In Dreadful Agonies
B4 Godolphin Horne, Who Was Cursed With the Sin Of Pride, And Became A Boot-Black
B5 Matilda, Who Told Lies, And Was Burned To Death
B6 Algernon, Who Played With A Loaded Gun, And, On Missing His Sister, Was Reprimanded By His Father
B7 Lord Lundy, Who Was Too Freely Moved To Tears, And Thereby Ruined His Political Career Lord Lundy (Second Canto)
B8 George, Who Played With A Dangerous Toy, And Suffered A Catastrophe Of Considerable Dimensions
B9 Maria, Who Made Faces And A Deplorable Marriage