Zappa, Frank
Beat The Boots! #2
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Zappa, Frank

Beat The Boots! #2
Mega Rare, 1992 Limited Edition 7LP Box Set Which Includes & Certified Authentic Rip-Offs Of 7 More Formerly Unauthorized Recordings Featuring Classic Concerts By Zappa And The Mothers. Saw Cut. Vinyl Release Limited To 600 Copies. Box Includes Humongous Scrap Book Collecting Rare Zappa Memorabilia And Original Album Art, Plus A Bodacious Black Beret With The Beat The Boots Pin.

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  • Artist: Zappa, Frank
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Type: Used - LP
  • Catalog ID: R-70372
  • Condition:
    Near Mint (NM or M-)
    Near Mint (NM or M-)
  • Country ID: US
  • Our ID: 173142

Track List

Disconnected Synapses
Tengo Ná Minchia Tanta
Part One
Part Three
Electric Aunt Jemima
At The Circus
Swiss Cheese/Fire!
Swiss Cheese
The String Quartet
Part Two
Our Man In Nirvana
Conceptual Continuity
A Penis Dimension 11:26
B1 The Air 3:53
B2 The Dog Breath / Mother People 4:23
B3 You Didn't Try To Call Me 3:34
C King Kong [Cut]
D1 King Kong [End]
D2 Who Are The Brain Police? 6:32
E1a Intro... 0:45
E1b Uncle Meat 1:25
E1c 9 Types Of Industrial Pollution 5:43
E1d Uncle Meat (Including Zoalr Czakl) 2:10
E1e Interlude (Including Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head) 2:35
E1f Sharleena 4:30
E2a The Sanzini Brothers 1:30
E2c What Kind Of Girls Do You Think We Are? [Cut]
E2Ib What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening? 3:38
F1a What Kind Of Girls Do You Think We Are? [End]
F1b Bwana Dik 1:30
F1c Latex Solar Beef 1:20
F1d Daddy, Daddy, Daddy 2:51
F2a Little House I Used To Live In (Including Penis Dimension) 4:40
F2b Would You Like A Snack? 1:20
F2c Holyday In Berlin, Full Blown 10:00
f2d Crusing For Burgers 2:50
G1 Little House I Used To Live In / Dog Breath Variations / Blue Danube Waltz / Hungry Freaks Daddy
G2 Improv
H1 Dog Breath
H2 King Kong
I1 Trouble Every Day Variations
I2 A Pound For A Brown On The Bus
J Improv / Plastic People / King Kong / America Drinks / Wipe Out
K1 Intro 2:35
K2 Baby Snakes 1:50
K3 Dancing Fool 3:15
K4 Easy Meat 4:45
K5 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me 4:35
K6 Mother People 2:45
L1 Wino Man 5:45
L2 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 2:25
L3 ... Fusions 3:20
L4 Bobby Brown 2:55
L5 I'm On Duty 2:05
L6 Conehead 5:20
M1 Intro
M2 Peaches En Regalia
M3 Tears Began To Fall / She Painted Up Her Face / Half A Dozen Provocative Squats
N1 Call Any Vegetable
N2 Anyway The Wind Blows
O1 Magdalena / Dog Breath
O2 Give Me Some Floor Covering, Under This Fat, Floating Sofa
P1 A Pound For A Brown On The Bus
P2 Wonderful Wino / Sharleena / Cruisin' For Burgers
P3 King Kong
P4 Fire!
Q1.a Intro
Q1.b Bacon Fat  
Q1.c A Pound For A Brown On The Bus [Cut]
R1.a A Pound For A Brown On The Bus [End]
R1.b Sleeping In A Jar
R2 The Wild Man Fischer Story  
S1 I'm The Meany
S2 Valerie  
S3 King Kong [Cut]
T King Kong [End] 31:00
U Stinkfoot / Dirty Love / Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station 17:58
V The Torture Never Stops / City Of Tiny Lights 21:09


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