Beauty And The Beat
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Beauty And The Beat
2019 RSD First' Release Black Friday Limited to 1500 copies. Contains a glossy, double-sided, black & white insert with song list, photos and credits. Beauty And The Beat is a landmark album by the American rapper Edan. Released in 2005, it is a fusion of hip-hop, psychedelic rock and funk, and is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential records of its time. The album is a celebration of vintage sounds and production techniques, and features samples from obscure records and a wide variety of instruments, including sitars, flutes, and even a Theremin.

What sets Beauty And The Beat apart from other hip-hop albums is its experimental approach to production and its lyrical content. Edan's rhyming style is complex and intricate, and his lyrics explore the deep roots of hip-hop and its connection to other musical genres. The album also features collaborations with a number of other musicians, including the indie rock band The Moldy Peaches, who add their own unique touch to the mix. Overall, Beauty And The Beat is a mesmerizing and endlessly fascinating record that continues to inspire and influence artists to this day.

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  • Artist: Edan
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Type: Used - LP
  • Catalog ID: LEWIS103-LP
  • Condition:
    Very Good Plus (VG+)
    Very Good Plus (VG+)
  • Country ID: USA
  • SKU: 181305

Track List

A1 Polite Meeting (Intro)
A2 Funky Voltron
A3 I See Colours
A4 Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme
A5 Murder Mystery
A6 Torture Chamber
B1 Making Planets
B2 Time Outt (Segue)
B3 Rock And Roll
B4 Beauty
B5 The Science Of Two
B6 Smile
B7 Promised Land