Biff Bang Pow!
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Biff Bang Pow!
Sealed 1998 2LP Complete Collection Reissue. Best Described As A 60's Psych Mod Band From The UK. They Only Really Produced One Record But Had A Major Influence On Many Musicians. This Compilation Is The Perfect Fit For The Collector.

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  • Artist: Creation
  • Genre: Rock
  • Type: New - LP
  • Catalog ID: RELP 9003
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    Mint (M)
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  • Country ID: US
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Track List

A1 Biff Bang Pow 2:25
A2 Painter Man 2:53
A3 Life Is Just Beginning 2:57
A4 Through My Eyes 3:05
A5 Midway Down 2:44
B1 The Girls Are Naked 1:57
B2 Can I Join Your Band? 3:03
B3 Sweet Helen 3:00
B4 Hey Joe 4:10
B5 Like A Rolling Stone 3:04
C1 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 2:32
C2 Sylvette 3:28
C3 Biff Bang Pow 2:24
C4 Painter Man 2:51
C5 Can I Join Your Band? 3:04
D1 Midway Down 3:01
D2 Life Is Just Beginning 3:58
D3 Life Is Just Beginning 3:22
D4 Painter Man 2:19
D5 Try And Stop Me 2:20