Daniélou, Alain
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Daniélou, Alain

Sealed Mono Original Housed In A Laminated, Flip-Back Cover. Pictured On The Front Cover Are Two Musicians From The Siem Reap Orchestra. Light Corner Rubs.

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Track List

A1 Invitation To The Genies
A2 Solo For Cha-Pai
A3 Prelude (Karnai)
A4 "Counting The Flowers" (Rop Koh)
A5 "Music For Banquets And In Honor Of Distinguished Personalities" (Sam Suon Savan)
A6 To Drive Away Demons (Wan Bain Priyai)
A7 Distribution Of Gifts At Marriage Festivities
A8 Funeral Music
B1 March Of The Songs
B2 The King Of Angkor (Pra Thao)
B3 Prayer In Pali
B4 Wedding Music