Carmina Burana
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Carmina Burana
Legendary 1981 2LP Gatefold Original. Saw Cut. Both LPs Appear Glossy, Unplayed. Robert Shaw, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra And Chorus. Also Includes Hindemith's Symphonic Metamorphoses. Grammy Nominee. No Limiting Or Compressing, Thus Providing The Widest Possible Dynamic Range. No Equalization, Resulting In Wide, Natural Frequency Response. Pressed On Three Sides Resulting In Wider Groove Modulations, Eliminating Groove Echo.

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  • Artist: Orff
  • Genre: Classical
  • Type: Audiophile - LP
  • Label: Telarc
  • Catalog ID: DG 10056/57
  • Country ID: Germany
  • SKU: 108582

Track List

Carmina Burana
A1 Introduction: Fortune, Empress Of The World (Nos. 1, 2)
A2 Part One: In Springtime (Nos. 3 - 5)
A3 On The Lawn (Nos. 6, 7)
B1 On The Lawn (Nos. 8 - 10)
B2 Part Two: In The Tavern (Nos. 11 - 14)
C1 Part Three: The Court Of Love (Nos. 15 - 23)
C2 Blanziflor And Helena (No. 24)
C3 Fortune, Empress Of The World (No. 25)
D1 Symphonic Metamorphosis Of Themes By Carl Maria Von Weber