Ussachevsky, Vladimir
Choral Music
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Ussachevsky, Vladimir

Choral Music
Sealed, Rare 1973 Original. Side One Of This Record Is A Choral-Electronic Work, An Extreme Example Of Re-Mixing, Sound Modification And Electronic Enrichment Of Pre-Recorded Material. Side Two Is A Recent Work For Chorus And Ten Brass Instruments, Recorded Under Ordinary Studio Conditions. Text In Prologue In Akkadian From Enuma Elish And Latin From Ovid's Metamorphoses. Text In Interlude In English, Adapted From The Akkadian. Text In Epilogue From A Poem By Kathleen Raine.

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Track List

Three Scenes From The Creation (1960, Rev. 1973)
Missa Brevis (1971-1972)
A1 Prologue: Enuma Elish 8:35
A2 Interlude 3:50
A3 Epilogue: Spell Of Creation 8:20
B1 Kyrie 2:08
B2 Sanctus 6:37
B3 Benedictus 4:26
B4 Agnus Dei 4:21