Thollot, Jacques
Cinq Hops

Thollot, Jacques

Cinq Hops
Rare 1978 Laminated Cover Original. Features Francois Jeanneau, Elise Ross, Chris Howard, Michel Graillier And Others. Appears Unplayed. Cover Is Not Faded.
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Track List

A1 On The Mountain (For Michèle) 3:52
A2 Four Four Five Eight 1:34
A3 Turning On My Mind 4:14
A4 Sur 12 Notes, Approximativement 0:38
A5 Aprelude 0:55
A6 Rush 6:55
B1 Seven (Bring Me So High) 4:32
B2 Promenade Grand Siècle 0:43
B3 Sur 9 Temps 0:76
B4 Gomind 2:53
B5 Cinq Hops 5:28
B6 Une Certaine Lumière Tourangelle 2:28
B7 Trois Ans Devant, Trois Ans Au-Delà, Ouf, Un An Déjà 1:53