Goblin Cock / Rob Crow
Come With Me If You Want To Live!

Goblin Cock / Rob Crow

Come With Me If You Want To Live!
Sealed 2009 Original. “You Would Be Hard-Pressed To Find A Band With A More Eyebrow-Raising Name Than Goblin Cock, And Since The Project Is A Rob Crow Side Project Rather Than A Real Band Per Se, One Would Suspect From The D&D Album Art And Credited Pseudonyms (Lord Phallus, Bane Ass-Pounder, King Sith Braindeath, And Loki Sinjuggler) That It's Merely A Spoof On Death Metal. Well, That's Half True. The Band Is Satirical In Concept, But The Execution Of The Music Is Authentic, Unadulterated "Rawk" Of The Truest Kind. No Joking About It. Get Past The Druid Robes And Conceptual Silliness, And You're Left With A Powerfully Crushing Update Of Blue Cheer And Sabbath Doomsday Grunge That Rivals Queens Of The Stone Age And Torche In Its Aptitude And Sheer Amplitude. It's Almost A Shame That They've Gone The Lowbrow Dick Humor Route For Marketing Come With Me If You Want To Live, When The Music Is This Good.” - Jason Lymangrover, AMG
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  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Type: New - LP
  • Label: Robocore
  • Catalog ID: RC002
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  • Country ID: USA
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