Liszt, Michele Campanella
Complete Hungarian Rhapsodies
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Liszt, Michele Campanella

Complete Hungarian Rhapsodies
1974 4LP Box Set With Insert.

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Track List

Opera Paraphrases
A1 No.1 In C Sharp Minor 13:42
A2 No.2 In C Sharp Minor 9:40
A3 No.3 In B Flat 5:10
B1 No.4 In E Flat 5:32
B2 No.5 In E Minor "Heroide Elegiaque" 7:56
B3 No.6 In D Flat 6:45
B4 No.7 In D Minor 5:40
C1 No.8 In F Sharp Minor 7:08
C2 No.9 In E Flat "Pester Karneval" 12:10
C3 No.10 In E "Preludio" 5:38
D1 No.11 In A Minor 5:51
D2 No.12 In C Sharp Major 9:50
D3 No.13 In A Minor 9:36
E1 No.14 In F Minor 12:17
E2 No.15 In A Minor Rakoczy March" 5:00
E3 No.16 In A Minor 5:22
F1 No.17 In D Minor 3:01
F2 No.18 In F Sharp Minor 3:15
F3 No.19 In D Minor 8:31
G1 Polonaise from "Eugen Onegin" of Tchaikovsky 6:24
G2 Illustration No. 2 (The Skaters) From "Le Proph├Ęte" Of Meyerbeer 14:05
H1 Waltz From "Faust" of Gounod 9:43
H2 Reminiscences De "Norma" of Bellini 16:02