Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Dancer With Bruised Knees
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Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Dancer With Bruised Knees
1977 Heavy Vinyl Original Featuring John Cale. LA Press. Gorgeous, Glossy NM- Vinyl. Top Copy! Dancer With Bruised Knees is an album that was released by Kate & Anna McGarrigle in 1977. It is their third studio album and is considered to be one of their best works. The album features some of the most beautiful and complex melodies of their career, as well as some of their most intriguing and poignant lyrics.

The McGarrigle sisters were able to combine their unique vocal styles and intricate guitar playing to create a sound that was both ethereal and grounded. Dancer With Bruised Knees is a record that showcases their talents as songwriters and performers, and is a must-have for any fan of folk or singer-songwriter music.


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Track List

A1 Dancer With Bruised Knees 3:46
A2 Southern Boys 3:20
A3 No Biscuit Blues 1:43
A4 First Born 3:55
A5 Blanche Comme La Neige 3:44
A6 Perrine Etait Servante 3:14
B1 Be My Baby 3:11
B2 Walking Song 3:33
B3 Naufragee Du Tendre (Shipwrecked) 3:46
B4 Hommage A Grungie 3:54
B5 Kitty Come Home 4:36
B6 Come A Long Way 2:17