Mary Weiss With Reigning Sound
Dangerous Game
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Mary Weiss With Reigning Sound

Dangerous Game
Sealed 2007 original. Recorded at Coyote Studios, Brooklyn NY. Mastered at Sundazed Studios. The lead singer of the Shangri-las released her only solo album with The American garage punk band 'The Reigning Sound'. Shadow Morton calls her a "fantastic singer". Weiss's powerful vocals are complemented perfectly by the electrifying guitar riffs and pounding drums of the Reigning Sound. Overall, the "Dangerous Game" is not a bad rock and roll album.

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Track List

A1 My Heart Is Beating 2:58
A2 Nobody Knows (But I Do) 2:31
A3 Break It One More Time 3:00
A4 Stop And Think It Over 3:17
A5 Cry About The Radio 2:26
A6 You're Never Gonna See Me Cry 3:03
A7 Dangerous Game 2:03
B1 Don't Come Back 3:32
B2 I Just Missed You 2:58
B3 Stitch In Time 3:00
B4 Tell Me What You Want Me To Do 3:09
B5 Heaven Only Knows 2:19
B6 I Don't Care 2:24
B7 You Can't Stay With Me 3:21