Boulay, Laurence
Danses Et Chansons Du Xvie Siècle
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Boulay, Laurence

Danses Et Chansons Du Xvie Siècle
Hard To Find 1980 French Gatefold Original. Appears Glossy. ln the sixteenth century there was still no clear distinction between organ music and harpsichord music. No doubt these composers and players, like their seventeenth:century successors, played both instruments. Seven different dances are represented on this record. The Pavane, a slow, majestic dance played during solemn processions or at the start of a ball, when the dancers would move slowly round the room immediately before the saltarello or galliard. ln fact it is this combination of pavane and galliard that occurs most frequently in music of the sixteenth century but pavanes are also found separately, in English music for viol, in ,Gennan music for several instruments, and in seventeenth-century English ' and French keyboard music (by such composers as Tomkins, Gibbons, Dowland, Chambonnières and Louis Couperin).

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  • Label: Erato
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    Near Mint (NM or M-)
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Track List

A1 Passo E Mezo
A10 Canzone Sopra Il E Bel E Bon
A11 Canzon Arioza
A12 Canzon A 4 Dita "La Rolanda"
A13 Diferencia Sobre la Pavana Italiana
A14 Diferencia Sobre la Gaillarda Milanesa
A15 Diferencia sobre il canto ilano dei Caballero
A2 Saltarelle
A3 Passomezo antico 1 et 2
A4 Saltarello dei Re
A5 Fusi Pavana Piana
A6 Gagliarda "Cathaccio"
A7 Padoana Prima Dita la Proficia
A8 Gagliarda "Fornerina"
A9 La Romanesca
B1 My Lady Careys Dompe
B10 "Ist mir ein fein braun Meg"
B11 Nachtanz Padoana Venitlana
B12 Branle Gay
B13 Passomezo Ungaro E 'saltarello Suo
B2 A Pavyon
B3 Gaillard
B4 The Second French Coranto
B5 The Soldier's Delight
B6 Pavana And Galiard
B7 Callino Casturame
B8 Almande Prynce
B9 "Wer das Tochterlein haben wil"