Schoenberg / Maurizio Pollini
Das Klavierwerk • The Piano Music
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Schoenberg / Maurizio Pollini

Das Klavierwerk • The Piano Music
1975 German Original. Glossy, NM- Vinyl. Maurizio Pollini, Piano. The Piano Music is a captivating record by the Schoenberg/Maurizio Pollini collaboration. Released in 1998, the album features some of the most famous piano works of the 20th century, including three piano pieces by Arnold Schoenberg and the complete piano works of Anton Webern. Pollini's virtuosic performances of these challenging compositions showcase his exceptional technical ability and musical sensitivity.

The first three tracks of the record feature Schoenberg's "Three Piano Pieces," which are known for their dissonant harmonies and complex rhythms. Pollini's interpretation of the pieces highlights their avant-garde nature while maintaining a sense of structure and coherence. The rest of the album presents Webern's complete piano works, which are characterized by sparse textures and concise musical ideas. Pollini's performances of these works are nuanced and precise, capturing the intricacies of Webern's unique musical language.

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Track List

Drei Klavierstücke Op. 11
Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke Op. 19
Suite Für Klavier Op. 25
Fünf Klavierstücke Op. 23
Klavierstück Op. 33a
Klavierstück Op. 33b
A1 1. Mässig 3:48
A10 1. Sehr Langsam 2:01
A12 2. Sehr Rasch 1:47
A13 3. Langsam 2:45
A14 4. Schwungvoll 1:35
A15 5. Walzer 2:25
A2 2. Mässige Achtel 7:10
A3 3. Bewegt 2:31
A4 1. Leicht, Zart 1:12
A5 2. Langsam 0:52
A6 3. Sehr Langsame Viertel 0:58
A7 4. Rasch, Aber Leicht 0:23
A8 5. Etwas Rasch 0:32
A9 6. Sehr Langsam 1:06
B1 1. Präludium. Rasch 0:56
B2a 2. Gavotte. Etwas Langsam, Nicht Hastig 1:03
B2b Musette. Rascher 1:11
B2c Gavotte 1:07
B3 3. Intermezzo 3:19
B4 4. Menuett. Moderato - Trio 3:52
B5 5. Gigue. Rasch 2:34
B6 Mässig 2:04
B7 Mässig Langsam 3:27


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Schoenberg / Maurizio Pollini
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