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De Stijl
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White Stripes

De Stijl
Sealed 2001 UK original. De Stijl is the second studio album by the American rock band, The White Stripes, released in 2000. The album's name is inspired by the Dutch art movement of the same name and it is known for its raw, bluesy sound. The album features Jack White's signature guitar riffs and Meg White's minimalistic drumming style, which creates a dynamic and energetic sound. De Stijl is filled with catchy tracks that showcase the duo's talent and sets the foundation for their future success.

From the opening track, "You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)," to the closing cover of Son House's "Death Letter," De Stijl is an impressive record that demonstrates The White Stripes' versatility and creativity. The album's standout tracks include "Hello Operator," "Apple Blossom," and "Truth Doesn't Make a Noise." De Stijl captures the essence of The White Stripes' unique sound and has become a fan favorite. Overall, De Stijl is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the raw, garage-rock sound that The White Stripes are known for.


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  • Artist: White Stripes
  • Genre: Rock
  • Type: New Import
  • Label: XL Recordings
  • Catalog ID: XLLP 150
  • Condition:
    Mint (M)
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  • Country ID: UK
  • SKU: 151906

Track List

A1 You're Pretty Good Looking 1:50
A2 Hello Operator 2:36
A3 Little Bird 3:06
A4 Apple Blossom 2:13
A5 I'm Bound To Pack It Up 3:09
A6 Death Letter 4:29
A7 Sister, Do You Know My Name? 2:51
B1 Truth Doesn't Make A Noise 3:14
B2 A Boy's Best Friend 4:22
B3 Let's Build A Home 1:58
B4 Jumble, Jumble 1:53
B5 Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me? 3:22
B6 Your Southern Can Is Mine 2:31