Williams, Don
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Williams, Don

Sealed 1978 Promo Picture Disc. the album offers a collection of beautifully crafted songs that capture the essence of Don Williams' unique style and distinctive baritone voice. His smooth, warm vocals effortlessly convey the heartfelt emotions embedded in each song, creating an intimate connection with listeners. Whether he's crooning about love, heartbreak, or the simple joys of life, Williams' delivery is genuine and evocative, leaving a lasting impact on those who listen. Don Williams is known for selecting songs that resonate with universal themes and emotions, and "Expressions" is no exception. The album features a blend of original compositions and carefully chosen covers, all of which are characterized by their poignant lyrics and memorable melodies. Each track is a beautifully woven story, painting vivid pictures and capturing the essence of life's joys and struggles. His unique ability to blend elements of traditional country with a contemporary sensibility has contributed to his long-lasting popularity. The album demonstrates his remarkable consistency and his unwavering commitment to crafting music that is honest, relatable, and timeless.

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  • Artist: Williams, Don
  • Genre: Country
  • Type: New - LP
  • Label: ABC Records
  • Catalog ID: SPPD-44
  • Condition:
    Mint (M)
    Mint (M)
  • Country ID: US
  • SKU: 174742

Track List

A1 I Would Like To See You Again
A2 You've Got A Hold On Me
A3 Tears Of The Lonely
A4 All I'm Missing Is You
A5 Tulsa Time
B1 Lay Down Beside Me
B2 Give It To Me
B3 Not A Chance
B4 It Must Be Love
B5 When I'm With You

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