Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
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Philip Jones Brass Ensemble

Sealed 1977 Stereo Original. Tiny (1mm) Saw Cut.

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Track List

Dances Of The French Renaissance
A1 Processional Fanfare
A2 Prelude From Fanfares Pour Britannicus
A3 Fanfare For Brass
A4 Ceremonial Fanfare
A5 Fanfare From The Cenci
A6 Processional Fanfare
A7 Spitfire Prelude And Fugue
B1 Agincourt Song
B2 Earl Of Salisbury's Pavane
B3 Greensleeves
B4.1 Allemande
B4.2 Gaillarde
B4.3 Pavane D'Angleterre Avec Gaillarde
B4.4 Basse Danse La Volunte
B4.5 Pavane Passemaize Avec Gaillarde
B4.6 Branle De Bourgogne -- Branle Simple -- Branle Gay
B5 Trumpet Tune And Air


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Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble