MacDermot, Galt
Hair (Original Soundtrack Recording)
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MacDermot, Galt

Hair (Original Soundtrack Recording)
Sealed 1979 2LP Original Soundtrack.


Sold Out

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Track List

A1 Aquarius 4:47
A2 Sodomy 1:29
A3 Donna / Hashish 4:20
A4 Colored Spade 1:33
A5 Manchester 1:57
A6 Abie Baby / Fourscore 2:43
A7 I'm Black / Ain't Got No 2:24
A8 Air 1:26
B1 Party Music 3:25
B2 My Conviction 1:47
B3 I Got Life 2:15
B4 Frank Mills 2:39
B5 Hair 2:42
B6 L.B.J. (Initials) 1:07
B7 Electric Blues / Old Fashioned Melody 3:53
B8 Hare Krishna 3:24
C1 Where Do I Go? 2:48
C2 Black Boys 1:11
C3 White Boys 2:35
C4 Walking In Space 6:13
C5 Easy To Be Hard 3:39
C6 3-5-0-0 3:49
D1 Good Morning Starshine 2:24
D2 What A Piece Of Work Is Man 1:39
D3 Somebody To Love 4:12
D4 Don't Put It Down 2:25
D5 The Flesh Failures / Let The Sunshine In 6:04

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