GrooveWasher (Price Includes Shipping)
Handcrafted Walnut Vinyl Record Care System
Rare & Collectible Vinyl Records

GrooveWasher (Price Includes Shipping)

Handcrafted Walnut Vinyl Record Care System
GrooveWasher's Vinyl Record Care System. Their Flagship Product, With Handcrafted Walnut Brush. This Is The Improved Re-Master Of The 1970s Walnut Discwasher Kit. The Groovewasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit Cleans Your Vinyl Records With Beauty, Style And Ease.

This Listing Includes:

Solid Milled 5 Inch American Walnut Handle With A Waterproof Oil Polyurethane Finish Replaceable Microfiber Cleaning Pad. Easy Removal For Cleaning Or Replacement. G2 Record Cleaning Fluid Mist Spray (4 Oz) Record Label Protector Mask

Groovewasher Solid Walnut Wood Handle Design

The Groovewasher Walnut Handle Is Milled From A Single Solid Piece Of Midwest Premium American Black Walnut, Hand Finished By Our Wood Artisans With Waterproof Oil Polyurethane In Our Plant In Kansas City, Missouri, Usa. Feel The Woodgrain!

Note: Every One Of Our Walnut Products Is Unique. Some May Have Small Surface Cracks, Splits Or Knots. This Is The Character Of The Wood, Not A Craftsman's Mistake. We Hope You Appreciate The Quality And Character Of Our Hand Crafted Walnut Products.

G2 Record Cleaning Fluid

The Groovewasher G2 Record Cleaning Fluid Is The Result Of Years Of Research And Testing. The Selection Of Ingredients Was Guided By The Formulations Of The D Series Fluids Of The 1970s. G2 Fluid Is Designed For Maximum Cleaning Effectiveness Of The Delicate Vinyl Surface And Microgroove, Without The Need For Rinsing. Anti-static Action On Contact. Honest Cleaning To Release The Honest Sound Of The Recording.

High Tech G2 Fluid Contains:

Surfactants: State Of The Art Detergents Dissolve And Suspend Fingerprints And Other Oily Grime.

Super Wetting Agent: A Specialty Chemical That Reduces The G2 Fluid's Surface Tension To Reach The Bottom Of The Groove. When You Spray G2 Fluid On A Record You Can See It Spread Down The Grooves.

Emulsifiers: Holds The Oils, Dirt, Mildew And Microdust Particles In Suspension. Then The Microfiber Fabric Cleaning Pad Wipes And Pulls The Dirt-filled Solution From The Record Surface.

Laboratory Grade, Double Deionized, Carbon Filtered & Uv Treated Water: Carrier For The Active Cleaning Ingredients. Eliminates Static Electric Charges On The Record's Surface On Contact.

Replaceable Cleaning Pad Design

The Groovewasher Replaceable Microfiber Cleaning Pad Features A Super Absorbent Black Terry Style Split Microfiber Cover. (Other Replacement Pad Styles Are Available For Separate Purchase.) This Fabric Is Effective In Removing The Contaminants Borne In The G2 Fluid From The Record's Microgroove.

The Pad Is Secured To The Walnut Handle With Low Profile Hook & Loop Velcro. This Allows The Pad To Be Removed From The Walnut Handle To Be Washed Or Replaced. These Cleaning Pads Are Hand Made By Our Textile Artists In Kansas City.


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GrooveWasher (Price Includes Shipping)
GrooveWasher (Price Includes Shipping)
GrooveWasher (Price Includes Shipping)