Heaven And Hell


Heaven And Hell
Sealed 1976 Second Issue Released The Same Year As The Original. “Those Used To Vangelis' Later And Lighter Synthesized Outings May Not Be Quite Ready For This Dark, Thundering Album. While It Did Provide Us With The Theme Music For The TV Series Cosmos And Bring Jon Anderson Into Partnership With Vangelis (Following An Abortive Approach To Vangelis Joining Yes) On "So Long Ago, So Clear," It Also Served Up Massed Gothic Choirs And A Musical Depiction Of All The Tortures Of The Damned, With An Impressive Amount Of String-Driven Shrieking. Even So, It's A Brilliant Piece Of Work That Should Not Be Absent From Any Vangelis Collection.” – Steven McDonald, AMG

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  • Artist: Vangelis
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Type: Used - LP
  • Label: RCA
  • Catalog ID: AFL1-5110
  • Country ID: USA
  • Our ID: 161262