Not The Nine O'Clock News
Hedgehog Sandwich

Not The Nine O'Clock News

Hedgehog Sandwich
1981 UK Original Featuring Rowan Atkinson. Appears Glossy, Unplayed.
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Track List

A1 Loyal Apology
A10 Divorce
A11 Political Obit
A12 The Main Points Again
A13 Bad Language
A14 Gift Shop
A2 News Summary
A3 Constable Savage
A4 Baronet Oswald Ernold Mosley
A5 University Challenge
A6 (I Like) Trucking
A7 Sir Robert Mark
A8 Hi-Fi Shop
A9 England My Leotard
B1 Hedgehog Apology
B10 Not The Parrot Sketch
B11 Open Marriage
B12 Lager
B13 And Finally...
B2 Supa Dupa
B3 Soccer Violence
B4 (Because I'm) Wet And Lonely (Barry Manilow Song)
B5 That's Lies
B6 Creed (The New Revised Version)
B7 I Believe (The Reagan Song)
B8 The Aide
B9 The Main Points Again