Indian Queen
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Indian Queen
Beautiful 1966 UK Wide Band Stereo Original Housed In A Laminated Jacket With Insert. Charles Mackerras Conducting The English Chamber Orchestra And St. Anthony Singers With Wilfred Brown, April Cantelo, Robert Tear, Christopher Keyte And Ian Partridge. Appears Unplayed.
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Track List

The Indian Queen
A1 (a) First Music
A1 (b) Second Music
A2 (a) Overture
A2 (b) Prologue: Wake, Quivera, Wake, Our Soft Rest Must Cease
A2 (c) Prologue: Why Should Men Quarrel Here?
A2 (d) Prologue: By Ancient Prophecies We Have Been Told
A2 (e) Prologue: If These Be They We Welcome Them Our Doom.
A2 (f) Prologue: Their looks are such thet mercy flows from hence,
A2 (g) Prologue: If So Your Goodness May Your Power Express
A3 (a) Act 2: Symphony
A3 (b) Act 2: I Come To Sing Great Zempoalla's Story
A3 (c) Act 2: What Flattering Noise Is This
A3 (d) Act 2: Scorn'd Envy, Here's Nothing That Thou Canst Blast
A3 (e) Act 2: I Fly From The Place Where Flattery Reigns
A3 (f) Act 2: Begone, Curst Friends Of Hell
A3 (g) Act 2: I Come To Sing Great Zempoalla's Story
B1 (a) Act 3: Warlike Dance
B1 (b) Act 3: Ye Twice Ten Hundred Deities ... By The Croaking Of The Toad
B1 (c) Act 3: Symphony
B1 (d) Act 3: Seek Not To Know What Must Not Be Reveal'd
B1 (e) Act 3: Trumpet Overture
B1 (f) Act 3: Ah, How Happy Are We!
B1 (g) Act 3: We The Spirits Of The Air
B1 (i) Act 3: We The Spirits Of The Air
B1(h) Act 3: I Attempt From Love's Sickness To Fly In Vain
B1(j) Act 3: Third Act Tune
B2 Act 4: Song: They Tell Us That Your Mighty Powers ... To Suffer For Him Gives An Ease To My Pains;
B3 (a) Act 5: While Thus We Bow Before The Shrine
B3 (b) Act 5: You Who At The Altar Stand
B3 (c) Act 5: All's Prepared
B3 (d) Act 5: Let All Unhallow'd Souls Begone
B3 (e) Act 5: All Is Done
B3 (f) Act 5: Now In Procession Walk Along
B3 (g) Act 5: All Dismal Sounds Thus On These Off'rings Wait


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