Galt MacDermot / William Dumaresq
Isabel's A Jezebel
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Galt MacDermot / William Dumaresq

Isabel's A Jezebel
1971 UK Red & Orange Label, Laminated Cover Original. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. The Original London Cast Recording. Henni Bekker, Piano & Organ; Paul Hodgson, Electric Guitar; Richard Roberts, Bass Guitar;John Folarius, Percussion; Gabriel George, Drums; Robert Williams, Electric Violin.

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Track List

A1 More Than Earth / More Than Air
A2 Down By The Ocean
A3 Oh Fish In The Sea
A4 On The Sand By The Sea
A5 Isabel's A Jezebel
A6 In Another Life / Nothing
A7 Sand
A8 Oh Mummy Darling
A9 God, It Matters Now
B1 The Saddest Moon
B10 So Ends Our Night
B2 Mama Don't Want No Baby
B3 These Are The Things
B4 Stanley Irrit Ability
B5 Use My Name
B6 The Moon Should Be Rising Soon
B7 My God When I Think
B8 Hah
B9 Love Knows No Season